Knowledge development and dissemination (WP2)

ENABLE Sweden endeavours to apply a holistic perspective to our work with Swedish football. We want to focus both on different parties’ points of view on an issue, and on its impact on the entire football system.

We strive to apply a sustainable and systematic approach in everything we do. This is based on knowledge of a specific challenge, directed at its cause and guided by a defined goal. In our work, we will take account of both the specific issue and the overall perspective within Swedish football.

When we talk about knowledge-based work, we refer to both theoretical and practical knowledge. Our ambition is to contribute to reconciling academic insights with the experience that exists among the practitioners in football and in the police. For this reason, we want our partners to participate in the studies where new knowledge is documented.

The knowledge we present should have a form that makes it practically applicable to everyday life in football. Two areas of knowledge are particularly important

  • Collaboration: In order for collaboration to be sustainable over time, it must be knowledge-based, systematic and have clear rules.
  • Theory of crowds: When we study practical work or special working methods in connection with football, we rely on what science says about how crowds work, how risks arise and how they can be prevented.